Incorrect results when doing Date comparison in ScenarioBuilder

Hi all,
In my scenario, I need to compare 2 dates to determine the next step. I set two Date variables and I used an IF to compare the dates.

But it is showing that the result of 11/06/2010 > 03/10/2019 is true. What I am doing wrong?

You should not use “mm” for “month” in your variable, check your date format.


Hi @oliver612,

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Yes, date variable format should be dd/MM/yyyy. (not dd/mm/yyyy).**The reason is that mm is used for minutes.

More importantly, is the logic:
As of now, it is not possible to compare Date variables directly in ScenarioBuilder. First, you need to format the variables using the Date Functions and then do the comparison. Here is an example:


@Audrey Thanks! This worked!