A faster way to switch between rUsers views in Real Time page

When a test is playing, we like to check the rUsers that are playing or completing the test. When we click on completed, it opens a new view with a list of completed ones. But there is no option to see which rUsers are still playing or waiting to play from that view.

In order to check different status pages, we need to come back to Real Time view then click on the one we want.
Can you provide a shortcut to access all the status pages from within each other?

This can be very helpful, I would like that.

@irish_ronan Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, this request is in development phase and will be ready in next release. The release date is not scheduled though. We will update the post when it is available.

@irish_ronan and @JoseSantos Just wanted to inform you that we have released a new version for AppLoader and it includes this improvement. Please test it and let us know how well it works.:slight_smile:

You may check out the AppLoader Release Notes here. If you need to upgrade it to version, please see this article.