Ability to distribute rUsers sequentially by Injectors only

I want the execution to go as follows:

Injector name Users Delays
Injector 1 Ruser 1 0 sec
Injector 2 Ruser 1 10 sec
Injector 3 Ruser 1 20 sec
Injector 1 Ruser 2 30 sec
Injector 2 Ruser 2 40 sec
Injector 3 Ruser 2 50 sec
And so on …

At the moment, I cannot achieve this by using Sequential or Parallel distribution types.

Can you please provide a support for this?

Hi @irish_ronan ,

We have added a new distribution type called “Absolute”.

When you are creating your test plan, by default, your distribution will be selected as “Absolute”. If not, then select it from the “Test Distribution” drop down and resubmit the “Test Settings Wizard”.

Note that this new distribution type only uses the delay provided in the first line of your test plan details grid.
Which in you provided picture would be (1 rUser every 10 sec):Screenshot_1

@irish_ronan As @brian mentioned this is available in new version of AppLoader. Please test it and let us know if it works for you.:slight_smile:

You may check out the AppLoader Release Notes here. If you need to upgrade it to version, please see this article.

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