Ability to log off rusers from the AppLoader Controller

I have 30 injectors and will be adding more. When I need to log off the rUsers I have to go to each injector to close rusermanager and log off the users. This is time consuming. If possible, I would like a way to close rusermanager and log off the users from the AppLoader Controller.

This is a great idea and a huge time saver when having many Injector machines. @Alex

@oliver612 There is a log off option under Injector Utils- in the AppLoader?! Isn’t it what you want?

Jay, I’m aware of that option but you still need to connect to each Injector machine and close rUserManager since it will reconnect the sessions after a few seconds. It would be useful to be able to log off and close rUserManager all together.

Hi guys! Thank you for your suggestion, @oliver612. I understand the challenge. I will add it to our team’s ideas tracker for our team to consider.

@oliver612 Good news! Your feature request has been implemented in the latest version of AppLoader. Please upgrade your version of AppLoader and give it a try. On the Injector tab, select the Injector(s), click on “Injector Utils” then “Log off rUsers”. This will log off your rUsers and also close rUserManager. Here’s an article on how to upgrade AppLoader if you need: https://www.automai.com/how-to-update-apploader-and-injector

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