Bulk import test cases into AppVerify Manager

I created scenarios for each process in ScenarioBuilder and created a test plan in AppVerify. However, I have more than 100 test cases for our manual testing. Is there a way to bulk import test cases into AppVerify?

@matt_s I think the Export/Import test plan would work for you.

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Hi @matt_s,
I use the Export - Import option. Just export the test plan, add your test cases into the excel file and then import it back.

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Thank you, both. I will give it a try.

Yes, there are 2 methods you can use to import your data.

A. As @juliac and @70stephanie suggested, use Export/Import test plan option.

  1. Add your processes to the test plan and generate your test cases
  2. Click “Export” to download the Excel template file
  3. Add your test cases data to file
  4. Import the Excel into the test plan

To learn how to export and import a Test plan, see this article.

B. Use dynamic variable file option.

  1. Create a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet of test cases
  2. Open test plan and upload the file using the “Dynamic” variable source type

To learn how to use dynamic variable file (CSV or Excel), see this article.

*In both methods, you need to make sure to keep the format of the templates to prevent errors (with bad formatting, missing data, etc.)