Cannot see rUserManager and users desktops in Injector after starting rUsers

I started 5 rUsers in AppLoader in a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine but cannot see any rUserManager or connected users. It shows 5 rUsers are connected in the Controller - Dashboard page. Where can I access the users?

@jay.kaur Open the Task Manager in Injector server and see if you can see the connected users.

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I had the same issue, the Injector was running under my colleague’s account and I couldn’t see any users. Try this:
In the Injector machine, go to Task Manager and check which user is running the processes (Injector and rUserManager).
If this is not the user that you are logged in, then you need to change it. Kill both tasks (if you cannot rdp to that user) and log off the users. Then start Injector.exe under your user account. Go ahead and start the rUsers, you should see them connecting.