Create sessions without “Desktop background"

An option to start or create sessions without “Desktop background" would be nice. This way if the user has dynamic desktop backgrounds, images do not have to be recaptured (such as images of shortcuts on the desktop) whenever the background changes. I believe this will also help with minimizing usage of resources.

Does this apply for the users desktops in rUserManager?

Good news! Currently, this request is in development phase and will be ready in next release. The feature will be available in all Remote Desktop Sessions Manager modules including Sessions Controller, rUserManager, SSrdpManager, etc.

Thank you for your insight.

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That’s awesome! I will be looking for this!!

I like this idea! :+1:t4:

Hi guys,
Just wanted to inform you that we have released a new version for AppLoader and it includes this feature. You can configure it for each Injector by editing its settings in the Controller.

You may check out the AppLoader Release Notes here. If you need to upgrade it to version, please see this article.