Find Text in Image action fails on about 10% of 2000 customer #s

I have a csv file with about 2000 claim numbers. I use a “Find Text in Image” to confirm I have the correct claim open. During a load test that goes through all 2000 numbers, I get about 200 failures on this step even though I can see from the failure screenshot that the correct claim number was displayed. I know I need to adjust some properties for the action so it reads those numbers correctly. However, I’m afraid that if I change some of the properties of my Find Text in Image action, it might cause failures with the numbers that were found. Any suggestions?

Hi @lsimmons,

Do not change the properties of the “Find Text in Image” step that got you 90% success with. Rather, add a 2nd “Find Text in Image” action and adjust the properties, test it by using some of the failed numbers. See this article on how to use the Smart OCR Configurator - Then add a condition where if it fails on the first “Find Text in Image” action, then play the 2nd “Find Text in Image” action.