Getting “This user is locked or no longer active” error when trying to login to the AppLoader Controller

My AppLoader account got locked and I am unable to login into AppLoader Controller with default admin username and password. I don’t have any other users to login. I am in version is blocking my test. Is there any way to unlock the user account? Anyone knows?

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Hi @Pkumar,

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Don’t panic! If all of your admin accounts are locked and you can no longer log into the application to reactivate them, there is a utility you can use to reactivate the default admin account and, if needed, reset the password. To run the utility, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the machine where AppLoader Controller is installed.
  2. Go to “…\Automai\AppLoader\bin” folder and make sure “reset” file exists there. If not, you may download it via this link and place it in the folder.
  3. Navigate to the “…\Automai\AppLoader\webserv\bin” folder in your file explorer. Click into the address field and type cmd to open your command prompt with that directory.
  4. Enter the following command: php …\bin\reset replacing with one of three possible commands:
  • password - to reset the default “admin” account password back to ‘admin’
  • activate - to activate an inactive default “admin” account
  • all - to reset the default “admin” password to ‘admin’ and activate the account

Below is a screenshot of the commands:

If you still experience the issue, please contact our support team at or

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