How to add commas to a CSV file?

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I am trying to add a few commas in a Comma Separated Variable file LOL, but they keep breaking the variables from the CSV. I tried all these β€œ,” {,} [,] , %,%

None of them work!

Please help

@StartPinch Why are you adding commas to your CSV file? You should keep the format as it is.
Can you elaborate on the use case?

Thank you for the quick reply. we assign our staff a new 12 digits password on the first Monday of the month that is generated by our system admins, some passwords have commas and other symbols too.


You were almost there twice :slight_smile:

Try using the whole variable between quotes like this: β€œabc,def”


Used 4 prct signs like this: abc%%,%%def

Both worked for me

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I assume you are using notepad or similar text editing app to edit your CSV file. If this is the case, then @MasonCh’s suggestion will resolve your issue. I recommend using the first option (add quotation marks around the variable value). If you are using MS Excel to edit your CSV file, the quotation marks are added automatically if you save it as a CSV file. Same goes for the CSV editor in ScenarioBuilder, the quotations will be added if the value contains a comma.