How to open my app with Microsoft Edge

I want to open my web app with Microsoft Edge but there is no option for it in the Open URL action. Even if I set Edge as my default browser and select the default option in the Open URL action, it does not open Edge. I’ve also tried putting the path to the Edge executable into the Browser Path property, but that didn’t work for me either.

@devi-r MS Edge is not in the list…can’t you use a different browser?! Have you tried to use open application action?

@Rahul8901 I need to test the same workflow with all browsers - Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox. Edge is the only one that I am needing to use different actions to open the URL.

@devi-r Have you tried setting Edge as your default browser. Then, instead of using the Open URL action, use the Open with File Association action. Put your URL in the “Open Associated Name” property of the Open with File Association action.

Also, there’s a Feature Request category in this community. You might want to post a feature request to have Edge added to the Open URL action.


Thanks @70stephanie. Open with File Association worked for me. I will post the feature request as you suggested.