How to run a test only on users where it failed on the previous test

I have a scenario that launches an application and signs in. My goal is to get 1000 users signed in to the application. If I run the test and get failures on some users, how do I run it again only on the users that failed?

I had a similar requirement. These are the steps I took:

  1. Add a “Find Image” step to the beginning of the scenario that, if found, confirms that the app is open and the user is signed in. The “Find Image” step has the “Continue on Failure” property selected.
  2. Then add an IF statement with the condition that if the “Find Image” step is successful, then exit the scenario. If the image isn’t found, then continue on with the rest of the scenario (launch app and sign in)
  3. Run a test on all 1000 users, 1 iteration each. The first time around, all users should play the entire scenario since none will have the application open.
  4. After the first test is done, run the same test again on all 1000 users. The users that signed in successfully during the 1st test will exit the scenario when the condition is met.
  5. Keep running the test again until you have all 1000 users signed in.