Is there a way to see a scenario's run log on ScenarioBuilder for a run that was before the most recent?

I have played some scenarios in ScenarioBuilder. When I look at the execution report log file, it only shows the most recent one. Is there a way to see the previous executions details in ScenarioBuilder?

@Beno Are you trying to see the run report for other scenarios? You can open the specific scenario and go to the execution report and view the execution timeline.

Thanks but I need to see the execution of the same scenario. The script fails in a step so I’m trying to find if it was successful a few days ago when I played it. Is it possible?

Hi Benito, you can view the previous run logs in “awplayer.log” or “awplayer.log.old” files. By default, the awplayer.log file is saved under “C:\Users[username]\Documents” folder. Just open them using a Text Editor app (Notepad or Notepad++).