Issue with copying components between scripts in ScenarioBuilder


I have components in a script which is working fine. I copied the same actions to another script and it’s not working. Anyone knows what the issue is?

Do you get any errors after copying or does it fail when you play it? what is the failure in the execution report?

Here is the error:

Is the component saved in your project? It looks like it cannot find it based on the error.

I didn’t save it. I just copied the steps from the script but it plays in the original script.

@kellyb Hi Kelly,
In order to reuse a component in a different scenario, you need to save your components in your project since the new scenario should access them via the project if the components are not defined within the scenarios. You only need to define and save them once in your project.

Go back to the original scenario, make sure to save the component, and next open your new script.
Then you can simply add them by using the “Components” option in the left panel.

Just double click on them and they will be added to your desired scenario. Then execute them in that scenario.
Please keep in mind that you need to include all the components that will be executed in your scenario.