Provide execution timeline and screenhots for successful runs in Automai RPA and AppVerify

Currently, we can view execution timeline and screenshots of the steps when a process fails in the Manager which is very helpful for debugging. However, we cannot see any screenshots or details for successful runs (this is available in ScenarioBuilder but not the Manager.)
I think having the same feature would be useful. For example, I can see specific details when that data is used in that step.
Right now, I create my own log file that includes reports for each execution.

Thank you.

@amit_singh Thank you for your suggestion. In fact, you can see the details of the data in the reports when you select the test case (in AppVerify) or the record (in Automai RPA). However I can see the advantage of it. I will add your request to our team’s ideas tracker for our team to consider.

@amit_singh Agreed!! It will be useful.

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Our organization could benefit from this as well. Our setups are a group of scenarios. Due to the length of our setups, our scripts are written in such a way that we attempt to resume our setup if we fail at any point (in any individual scenario). This could result in an overall successful RPA run with unsuccessful scenarios, in which case we have no visual of the errors.