Receiving "Bad request (check parameters passed)" error message in AppVerify test plan

Hi guys!

I’m running a trial of AppVerify. I created a scenario in ScenarioBuilder and sent it to the Manager successfully. Right now I’m having trouble getting a test plan set up. I’m receiving an error “Bad Request (check parameters passed)” when clicking on the +New button. Is there something else I need to do to create a new test case?:thinking:

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@MasonCh In which step of the test plan? Can you attach a screenshot of the error?

@70stephanie Step 2 - Process variables

My scenario works in ScenarioBuilder.

hey Mason, it doesn’t show your variables. Does the script have any variables? any CSV file?

I have a variable called “number” that is used in “Read Text into a variable” action. Does it only work with certain types of variables?

Hi @MasonCh,

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Our Robotic Functional Testing solution, AppVerify, is data driven. It means that it is based on the process variables and therefore the test cases will be created based on those variables.
As @matt_s mentioned, your scenario doesn’t contain any variables based on the screenshot. For the script that you’ve created, it must have at least 1 variable in order to be used with AppVerify. If it doesn’t have any variables, add at least one.
Go back to your scenario in ScenarioBuilder and add a variable (i.e.“Set a String Variable” action) to your scenario and resend the script to AppVerify Manager.
Then edit your test plan by clicking on the test plan name in the “Test Plans” page. You should see the new variable (default test case) in Step 2 of the test plan. Now, you can create new test cases based on that variable and run your test plan.
Below is an example:


This requirement will be improved in our future updates.