rUser are getting launched automatically in rUserManager when starting the Injector

We are using AppLoader version 8.5. Today, when I started the Injector server, the rUserManager started and 50 users started to get connected even though I didn’t start them from the Controller. I tried to restart the server and it happened again. Any idea why this happens?

@Pkumar Do you see any rUserManager open when you log into the server? Does it happen if you log into the Injector server using a different user account?

@Pkumar Have you configured the rUsers to start automatically (in start users form) when the Injector is up?

As soon as I start the Injector (under any user), the rUserManager is launching and connecting the users.
@amit_singh I didn’t configure anything…where can I find that option?

Please log off your users, try to change the “When Injector starts” option to “Remove configured” and start your rUsers manually. Then try to start Injector again and see if it happens again


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@RavindraInfy Thank you so much for your help. It worked!! I removed the configuration and restarted the Injector machine, after that no rUsers started.