rUsers sessions keep disconnecting. How to keep them active?

I ran a load test with 150 users in Injectors, after 5 mins of load test, observed that rUser sessions were disconnecting/logging off automatically and reconnecting it back. Does anyone know why it is happening?

@irish_ronan Do you have enough resources in the machine? Do they disconnect consistently?

Yes, the Injectors are powerful machines. I have a long wait time in my scenario and the users do not do anything during that time and they go to idle. Is there a way to keep them active?

I had this issue before and this is what I did in rUserManager:

Open rUserManager.conf file and look for these 2 lines:

Uncomment “//keepalivekey=44” and “//keepaliveseconds=50” lines. Remove the // from the beginning.

This will send the Print Scr key to the sessions to keep them active. You can use any other keys if you want.

Save the file and close it.


This works perfectly! Thanks for your help.