Scenario containing "Write to File" action doesn’t work in AppLoader

Hello! I have a scenario that uses "Write to File’’ action to save some results in a file. It works in ScenarioBuilder but it fails in the “Write To File” action when executing in AppLoader. Anyone has experienced the same issue?

Do the rusers have access to the folder where the file exists? make sure to give needed permission or place the file in a public/shared folder.


@Rahul8901 That worked. The users didn’t have permission to write into the file. Thanks!

Is there a way to name the file name based on the username? I need to review each file and would be good to be based on the user id.

Hi Monica, I think you can use [Env USERNAME] option of string variable for the file name. Check out these posts: How to script to login to Citrix using the same username as the rUser?
How to run a specific scenario based on a username?