Scripting to handle data entry fields that might be pre-filled with data

I am scripting to fill out a form with many fields. Sometimes the fields are pre-filled with data and I need to overwrite the data. How can I script this?

@HallieStar Hi Hallie, you can use “Ctrl+ A” to highlight the text (before typing) each time you go to the textbox.

You need to learn how your application behaves. I assume when you click into the field, the pre-filled data is not selected. Try to manually select the pre-filled data. Does pressing CTRL + A work as @adrienne suggested? How about double clicking or triple clicking into the field?

How about when you tab from one field to another? Does it select the pre-filled data? If yes, then you can try scripting using Tab to go from field to field instead of clicking into the field.

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