"Session error message: The connection transport layer failed" in rUserManager

I just installed AppLoader in Windows Server 2016. I am trying to start 5 users but I am receiving an error message in rUserManager. I tried 2 times but rUserManager is unable to connect the rusers - here is the error message : Session error message: The connection transport layer failed. Has anyone had this issue before? How to fix it?

Hi @devi-r,

Check your username and password, they might be wrong! Can you RDP to the users manually?

Rakesh, do you use local users or domain users?

Username and password are correct. I can connect to user001 manually. No domain users.

Hi @devi-r,

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Typically this error is related to the Remote Desktop Services. Have you installed the Remote Desktop Services role in the machine where Injector is installed? In order to connect the users sessions, you must first activate Remote Desktop Services before starting any rUsers.

Please see this article to learn how to add Remote Desktop Services role.

By enabling this role, even if you don’t have a Remote Desktop license server in the environment , you can still test your servers and use them without a license for 120 days since Microsoft gives you a grace period.


Hi @Alex,

After enabling the remote desktop role, I was able to connect the users. Thank you so much for your help.

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Moreover if you created the users for the load test manually, then you will have to add them to the “Remote Desktop Users” group.
In windows Server Manager > Tools > Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups
From the right hand panel right click on “Remote Desktop Users” group and add the users to it.